Friday, April 2, 2010

Being Drunk and Feeling High!

I got drunk and i completely lost it this time. it really wasn't  my first time but earlier i had always limited myself to a few drinks..last night i went all the way and i kept drinking till i don't know who snatched the glass away and put me to bed..  Below are certain experiences which i think i felt because i do not clearly remember :P

What happens when you get drunk?  
  • (Please note these are completely my views..if people are not agreeable to the results then they can have another round of drink till they get to this stage ;-) )
  • (These effects were felt after an unknown number of  rounds of  Seagram's Blender's Pride Whisky)(exact conditions are required for the stated results :))
Well to start one  feels the balance of the body go away, which is in a way irritating because you want your foot to land at a place but it strangely manges to go in another if it has a mind of its own.and somehow you cannot guess the reason for this(Its important to understand that a person heavily drunk will not blame his actions to alcohol :P ).

Your speech is sloppy. the tongue seems heavy and huge and it blocks proper sounds from being produced which in turn makes it difficult for you to convey your emotions (i will later tell you why this is very important) to other non-drunk people( these are the kind who will not take you seriously at any cost. even if you are telling them something really important still the fact that you are drunk disqualifies you from any attention) or co drinkers(now these are the kind whom  it doesn't matter what you are saying because believe me once you are drunk you are seriously not in a mood to listen)

Now this is actually funny because with alcohol you suddenly find a zeal to say things to people or about people but all you can muster out is the sound of spit blasting out mixed with some rumblings which are incomprehensible :P 

Your appetite is gone : ( : (...... Even good butter chicken cannot make you eat it. It happened with me ..and people who know me would know how much i love butter chicken!!! now i feel sad that i couldn't eat.

The biggest effect is the amazing outburst of emotions that you have ever felt.......all obscure stuff that u might have felt buried and forgotten would resurface make you smile and cry and get angry all at the same time giving your face a very funny look( :-) ) Something like this

You remember your school friends, all your heart breaks, all your crushes and finally arriving at all the people you had wanted to hurt.....You say it out loud to everyone around  ( at least you think you are saying proper words and does not seem so to the listeners) all along wondering that hadn't i forgotten this...didn't i get over this way back in my life.  This is the best thing about being relive your life and that too in a better way( because this time you never fear what would people say..or what would be everyone's reaction) ...............the glory days... the shameful nights..the days you laughed and the nights you cried.

All this happens and then you force yourself to another glass....burying it down your throat you  finally feel the world seem light with a pleasant breeze on you face you are inch towards the best sleep of your life( oh yes never had i slept better.....) (AND YEA people call it PASSING OUT which i think is disrespectful to the blissful act.)

A few more things worth noting are that one would never accept that they are high..even after a number of rounds you will always find people saying that they are not high!!!(so as soon as you find a guy saying this ...just know that he is not in his senses). Every person who is drunk would go to any limit to prove that he is not drunk  (they would try and drive on their own...they would try to open the lock of their door even if the key would seem to big for the hole(because it is the motorbike key you are trying to insert into your room's lock  :) :P)

The worst part of being drunk does not actually come while you are drunk..its the morning after...the heaviness of your head is too much to feel weird in you tummy(may be with habitual drinkers this is not an after-effect). And even worse is that you have very faint recollection about your deeds of the past night!! oh How i wish i had known what all i did (because it isn't that funny  when you hear it from other people!!)

All things said and done being drunk is worth a try... just keep a few things with you..good and trustworthy non-alcoholic friends who can drive and make it a point that you don't make it a habit..once in a while you need the lightness..but an overdose can become harmful to your bodily organs(Liver sad jayega!!!!!!)


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Magic of 'Ite' s

I am a Josephite , an Allahabadite, an UPite, a law schoolite and the list just continues on and on with my growth in life. All along my 22 years of existence i have gathered the above mentioned 'ite's in my life. How many have you??...............I guess your list too won't be lesser than mine.  If it is then definitely you have less chances of being succesfull than me ;P 
What are these "ite"s then?? ,,, a formal definition is absolutely impossible and all i can muster to say is that  an "ite" is your past and to a large extent can decide your future ( well if you play your cards properly ;) ). Yes dear friends such is the magical concept of 'ite'. If you have not felt or experienced the wonder of ite till now then let me enlighten you more. If you have then too you should read  this post..who knows maybe it will help you recognize a few more ites which have been hiding under ur sleeve???.
An ite actually associates your life to a numerous set of benchmarks that you have achieved. or may be your parents achieved them for you 
The moment you are born and you have been attached with atleast two ites of the first kind. Geographical 'ites' As the name suggests geographical ites associate you to two very important ites...your City ite ( very important if you are a Delhi'ite,  Bombay ooops..Mumbai'ite, Kolkatta'ite Chennai'ite, Bangaluru'ite(hahahhahahah..sorry people it just sounds too funny to ignore). or Lucknow'ite) Your City'ite provides your personality with your basic character traits....every city has its own (eg Delhi'ites are supposed to be loud and bhangra loving people :P :P  thanks to their heavy Punjabi and harrayanvi population. Mumbai'ites well no comments. and I am sorry if I hurt anyone. Is that ok Mr. Thackerey ?? ).        The Second Geographical ite is your State'ite. Only relevant if you are from (Bihar, Maharashtra, Gujarat,  Bihar, Maharashtra oops did i repeat myself..well these two states do need special attention :P :P.) If you are a Bihar'ite then you can expect help from any corner of the world from a fellow Bihar'ite because trust me they are everywhere( however there favourite place seems to be the administrative circles). These are produced in high numbers and have unique ability to survive in extreme conditions and still succeed, much to the dismay of other less numerically advanced State'ites. Maharshtra'ites on the otherhand are a small, violently protected, ite which fights for its exclusive enjoyment of a completely common territory. Geographical'ites  can also be acquired by a substantial change in your residence, which happens when you have to leave you place of birth and move to a separate location for professional or personal reasons. At first it is difficult to achieve the ite of this new location however after a certain period of time  for third party references you acquire the ite. But you may continue to face different opinions from the native'ites.
Once born and having achieved 2 very important ite's you  move ahead depending upon the already achieved ites and your parent's financial with or without your own capabitlities you achieve the second group of ites; Educational'ites. Now these includes DPS'ites,  (for Delhi Public School...which has now nearly opened up in every city of the country and still call themselves Delhi Pubic clue why???....) Doon'ite, DC'ite, Mayo'ite, IIT Kgp'ite , Law School'ite( and  I am not refering only to NLSIU becoz there are other National Law schools which exist. For further Knowledge please  go to, etc. Educational'ites are very important for the purposes of securing a sound future as if you belong to the same educational'ite as the one who is deciding your fate believe me you are bound to be benefited. Individuals are the most attached to these kind of ites because every person loves the institution he has studied from ( please interpret studied as, spending your parents money on fee, spending a minimum of two and a maximum of 14 to 15 years at the place, making some of the very best friends of your life and a few Ite specific activities which depend from institution to institution).  Because of this high respect I would not make any Institution specific comments.
The Sole purpose of achieving all these ites is to find people of similar ites at any or every group of individuals you find. Starting from a general ite and narrowing down to the most specific Ite you should search. For eg Look for a Stat'ite, then you if you are able to find some, further proceed to find City'ites, if you are lucky enough then you will also find a few of these then move on to narrow it down further to an Educational'ite. If you even find one agreeable  match then you found the key to success depending upon the position and capabilities of the corresponding Ite. The probability of finding your Fellow'ites depends on the quality of your own ite, For eg in State'ite there is a high chance of finding a Bihar'ite( i hope you get the logic).
The bonding of Ites is the greatest bonding that can be experienced. Life and property all has been sacrificed for the welfare of fellow'ites and this is the reason that makes the concept of ites so magical. You do not need to know any individual  just stick to fellow'ites and they will see you through. 
Thus here I would lay down a few  principles of Iteism.:
--always look for your fellow'ite
--never say no to a fellow'ite
--never hesitate to ask for help to a fellow'ite
--if and when a fellow'ite refuses to help(which is highly improbable) please remind him of your Iteist history and culture.
All of the above increase and decrease in degree depending upon general to specific.
We are deeply immersed in this concept of Ites that it even bypasses our sense of Nationalism, which is kind of lost these days. Well the sense of satisfaction achieved by helping or even associating with a fellow'ite is inexplainable. So people keep your eyes and ears open and be on a lookout for your Ites for they can change your life. And btw if you in your quest come across any influential (UP'ite, Allahabad'ite,Josephite,LawSchool'ite) do forward me his /her address :) :). HAPPY HUNTING.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Coming of Age

As the Ravana. burns this dusshera.. it reminds me of one of the poems which i had read  during my school days,
"Ravana Jalta fir woh bujhta ,, Isse Vjay kyu kehte bhai"  It seems as though everyone and everything around me wants me to do something. You must have felt it sometimes that watever you see around makes you think of the same thing or person. What is around me these days ... "" wake up SID" & " a young girl shoots down a terrorist in J&K". &" karan johar saying sorry to a local leader for saying the name bombay instead of mumbai" & "the comparison of India and China and how we lag behind them.One of the news correspondent then says "has India come of age then?

'Coming of age'..what does this phrase mean to us in our daily usages?? generally connotes a young persons transition to adulthood or maturity. So how do we decide whether one has "come of age" or it purely a biological facet...if yes then how does nations and movies and books come of age? That draws me to another question..has India come of age????.

Well I have come of age as an individual. but have I achieved the same as a citizen? Do we show maturity enough to be known as a country of people who can handle larger world problems and do not wriggle over minor domestic ones?

India has changed, it surely has..from since the time of "hum log" on national televisions to now a day tweets and reality shows. We have and continue to grow our economy to one of the better ones in the world, we have our courts for the first time accepting homosexuality and sexual orientations as a right of an individual, we have, dear fellow countrymen, movies with not only bolder tastes but also a higher intellectual underpinnings, our cricket board is not only the biggest and the highest revenue earner amongst others , but it is virtually the one which runs International Cricket, we after 11 long years have again qualified for the Davis cup world finals, we have our own F1 racing team(please avoid being critical of its performance..its just a newbie), the success of Chandrayaan is known to all of you  I guess...if not please update yourself from a few week's back news reports. So doesn't all  this makes it very clear that we have come of age?

This was just one side of the picture wasn't it?  There is wholly different India which we have quite ignored in the above mentioned picture. How can we forget that till now only 66% of Indians are literate( this when compared to the whopping 91% of our neighbouring Chinese friends..does throw us back into a retrospective dilemma).The democracy of which we all are proud of hangs its face in shame when not even 50% of the registered voters turn out to exercise their right to determine who they want to be governed by. Our national level politicians still fight it out on issues of caste and regionalism rather than propagating a philosophy of united India. We are still plagued with problems of poverty and unemployment. The worry is not about the problems...every nation has them..but the problem is that we remain quite unconcerned about them.( Whoa!!! did that hurt you!! if you dare to disagree then please think as to what have you done today or yesterday..or what do you plan to do tomorrow to help India counter poverty, illiteracy, child labour etc etc.)  So to be honest we don't think and we don't even plan to think. Why so?? Is this the "coming of age " we have been talking about?
I think and ponder in search of answers....would be back with a few of them.